Who We Are

The ‘Christ in Me the Hope of Glory’ (CIMTHOG) Mission is a Christian Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered in 2010 although our activities started 1997. CIMTHOG Mission, like any business venture evaluates its activities; ensuring its operation offers Social Profits. We appreciate the best way to achieve this is to work hard and be well focused, community-based empowerment projects. Also, it combines numerous vital interventions that lead to reorientation of minds, and embracing right values that leads to development in the lives of the individual, the community and the nation as a whole. These vital elements can be classified into: Missions, Capacity Building and Access for Good Health.


We ensure we are guided by worldwide values of equality, inclusion, voluntarism, non-discrimination and participation of all regardless of their flaws, challenges, ethnicity or political affiliations. It is a world where everyone lives in a clean environment with a fair distribution of world’s resources to enable the underprivileged in society in the developing countries specifically, Ghana, to also maximize their potential through advocacy and empowerment for an ultimate eradication of marginalizing of the management of drug addicts; by bringing relevant stakeholders together for a common goal.

In view of the prevailing numerous consequences of school dropouts accruing from the death of parents, financial hardships, poor mentorship, adaption of poor values, which consequently lead to  vices in society such as drug addiction and mental health challenges, with poverty as the underlying factor, we join the government, organizations, institutions, and the communities to make efforts to reduce the drug addiction and its effects situation in Ghana, a model for West African Communities.

We had worked with Save a Heart Foundation in time past to sustain lives through sponsored hole in heart surgeries and Hunt procedures. Toyota Ghana had supported such needs and lives have been saved. Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd also worked with us through great support for securing office space for our activities.
Also, the Children’s Department has also supported the paying of students fees, a gesture which had enabled persons to attain greater educational heights through the simple an d basic timely educational supports. There has been collaboration with second cycle schools for needy but brilliant students (Wesley Grammar School -2014-16, and His Majesty SHS- 2019/20-202/21). Individual philanthropists have also supported. Our Outreaches have been both Evangelism and Medical Screening for addicts in ghettos- and sex workers (people who have given up on life due to mistakes and wrong decisions they made in some time past. Our volunteer team has been wonderful – various expertise brought together to bring hope to many persons.

Drug Addicts
* Many have now made decision for the Lord (79 persons)
* Some are not engaged in meaningful venture.
* Some have left the ghettos and reconciled to their families.

Sex Workers
* Many have now made decision for the Lord (48 persons)
* Some have moved out of their ghettos
* Some have signed on our training programmes
*Some are now enjoying descent lives after being reoriented with the Word of God, and capacity built   and great values embraced.

Mentally Challenged persons
* Young ladies " Sis A"(Ghanaian) and "Sis B" (Nigerian) have all been rehabilitated at Accra Psychiatry Hospital for almost two (2) months, received clinical and mental treatments and currently, recovered from mental health challenges.

"Sis A" had been on the streets for over five months, after bringing forth, single and physical challenged mother in a village; helplessly taking care of three (3) children, including seven ( 7) months baby of her missing daughter.

* The reconciliation has brought a reunion of this great lovely family, hope realized and sustained. 

* They have now been reconciled to their families.

With "Sis A", thanks to the Accra Psychiatry Community Health team and the Asamkesse District Community Health officer (Sir Daniel) who helped locate the family.

* "Sis A" had the entire family received Christ,

* An overwhelming joy, great time of reconciliation.
"Sis B" had her family contacted through her mobile phone after regaining mental stability by help of the hospital.

Currently, she is with her family, reconciled.
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